Brighton Stands Against Antisemitism ("BSAA") proudly stands up for the Jewish community.


We are a grassroots group of volunteers created in May 2021 to shine light on antisemitism. BSAA is made up of neighbors, friends, and parents concerned about the impact of anti-Jewish hate in our community. 

We are Democrats, we are Republicans, we are Independents; we are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and non-denominational Jews and allies. We agree, we disagree, we argue, we support each other. We support Palestinian human rights; that Israel has the right to exist (like any other country) and call out injustice, misinformation and inaccuracies when we see them. We are inclusive. We listen.  Most of all we are in favor of engaging in respectful, constructive dialogue.

There has been a serious rise in anti-Jewish violence in our nation, and fueling this, there has been a gradual institutional normalization of antisemitism, including silence and tolerance. 

Crimes targeting Jews comprised 57.5% of all religious bias crimes - yet Jews make up only approximately 2.4% of the US population. 

Antisemitism is an epidemic and manifests beyond just the obvious forms (ie. swastikas and neo-nazi propaganda). Antisemitism, also known as Jew-hatred or anti-Jewish hate has evolved to include more complex rhetoric and messaging, challenging Israel's right to exist and demonizing Israelis and the state of Israel by applying double standards that are not applied to other countries.

While criticizing Israel's government policies - just as we criticize our own country's policies -- is not antisemitic, calling for Israel's destruction, accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, of colonizing and/or engaging in ethnic cleansing are antisemitic lies that fuel antisemitism.

The history of our people throughout millennia, is that we are singled out and scapegoated from all sides. And, history has shown us that we cannot wait to stand up for ourselves. If we don't, then who will?



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Lauren Ahavya Deutsch
Leah Goldman
Sharon Gray
Rami Katz
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